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Friday, December 14, 2012

(Product Review) FloraCraft Straw Wreaths, 10-Inch Straw Wreath

FloraCraft Straw Wreaths, 10-Inch Straw Wreath

Product Rating: 4

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Inexpensive, natural straw, biodegradable, attractive, great for crafting, indoor and outdoor.

Cons: May shed a small amount of straw when handled.

Summary: I have been happy with these wreaths, and would gladly recommend them to anyone who enjoys crafting, and wants an inexpensive base for their wreath or centerpiece.

I enjoy arts and crafts, and also enjoy decorating for a variety of parties as well as for the holidays. Because of these combined interests, I have found myself purchasing a few FloraCraft Straw Wreaths over the years. The FloraCraft 10 inch Straw Wreath was one of my purchases last Christmas.

Depending on the type of wreath I am making, I have used a variety of base materials. This particular one is made from straw, formed into a circular wreath. The straw is wrapped at 3 or 4 inch intervals by fishing line, holding the wreath together nicely. Even so, there will be small bits of straw that come off the wreath with handling, but that is to be expected from this sort of wreath. I have tried other brands that shed much more than this one, and am happy to have a lesser amount of shedding from this one.

The FloraCraft Straw Wreath works well for an assortment of craft projects. I have used this type for both centerpieces and for wreaths because the natural straw coloring blends well with a variety of materials such as flowers, branches, leaves and much more. It is easy to anchor your crafting materials to the wreath and make a variety of beautiful decorations.

This Christmas wreath was made by attaching several pine boughs to the base, then adding in several glittered pine cones along with a bit of mistletoe, and a big bow. I finished the project with a light mist of the spray snow and ended up with a very nice looking decoration.

FloraCraft Straw Wreaths are available in a variety of sizes. I have used several sizes from 8 inches up to 18 inches for my projects, and was satisfied with all of them. The straw wreaths come wrapped tightly in a clear plastic film, and depending on your project, you can remove the wreath to access the bare straw surface, or you can leave the film on if desired. I have used them both ways for different projects.

These wreaths are made mostly of natural straw, so they are biodegradable. They work well for both indoor and outdoor decorating. If you enjoy crafting, you can make some beautiful holiday decorations, or use them for other themes as well.

I have been happy with these wreaths, and would gladly recommend them to anyone who enjoys crafting, and wants an inexpensive base for their wreath or centerpiece.

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