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Saturday, October 24, 2015

(Product Review) XQ-XQ Polarized and UV400 Interchangeable Sunglasses Set for Cycling and More Sports (Blue)

My eyes are very sensitive to light, so when I got the chance to try the XQ-XQ Polarized and UV400 Interchangeable Sunglasses Set for Cycling and More Sports (Blue),  I had to do it. So far I am very pleased with this product.

I ordered the XQ-XQ Polarized and UV400 Interchangeable Sunglasses Set for Cycling and More Sports (Blue), and have been enjoying them very much. The set comes with a lightweight frame which can be used with either earpieces or with the stretchy band (both included), 5 UV protected lenses in different colors (one is pre-installed into the frame), Micro Fiber Cloth, soft drawstring pouch and a hard shell carrying pouch.

I got the blue frames although there are other colors available if you prefer. I have tried all of the various interchangeable lenses in them. I like that all five lenses colors provide UV protection. My main reason for wearing sunglasses is because my eyes are very sensitive to the light and I like the yellow ones the best for cutting down on glare. Even though they say that these are not suggested for nighttime driving, they work well for me since the glare is virtually eliminated while being such a light color doesn't interfere with my vision. The amber color is great for daytime driving, or for most outside activities where the sun might bother my eyes. Although I have used the other colors, these two are my favorites.

The lenses are not difficult to change, and once installed they stay securely in place. The glasses are comfortable, and the added stretchy band makes it nice when doing activities where the glasses might be knocked from your face. The carrying cases are both nice since I carry my glasses around with me a lot and it is convenient to have the various other lenses with me whenever needed.

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