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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

(Product Review) Master TC-77 Super Quiet High Performance Airbrush Air Compressor Hobby Tattoo

I am new to airbrushing, although I have been thinking of trying my hand at it for a while now. I recently purchased the equipment to get started on some of the projects I have been wanting to do. One of the items I ordered was this Master TC-77 Super Quiet High Performance Airbrush Air Compressor Hobby Tattoo which is the air compressor needed to operate your airbrush.

I used this compressor while experimenting with some cake decorating, as well as painting a couple of wall plaques I made. It worked well, dispensing the colors evenly. I loved how quiet this compressor is compared to one that we used while visiting a friend. Her compressor is much louder than this one.

I found that the 6 foot long air hose was a perfect length for just about any application. It has a good reach to it without being overly bulky. I plan on doing some more experiments with t-shirt painting because I have some great ideas that I want to try, but that will have to wait for another time. Right now I have my hands full with some more cake and cookie decorating projects. I love using this compressor, and all the creative projects I can do with it.

If you love arts and crafts, cake and cookie decorating, or other airbrush painting projects, this is a good little compressor for smaller projects. I'm not sure if it is powerful enough for very large projects, but it works wonderfully for the type of projects that a home hobbyist like myself would use it for.

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