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Saturday, February 11, 2017

(Product Review) Activa Naturals Greens Superfood Powder - Vegan & Gluten Free 8.5 oz (240 gm)

My doctor is always after me about adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet. I decided to try Activa Naturals Greens Superfood Powder - Vegan & Gluten Free 8.5 oz (240 gm) to help me improve my diet.

This product from Activa Naturals is natural berry flavored, so it is a flavorful way to get a healthy dose of raw and organic green foods. The dosage is one scoop per serving, up to three times per day. I have been drinking it once or twice per day and have had no adverse effects.

To use it, you just add a scoop of this powder to the beverage of your choice. I have been enjoying it in my morning smoothie, but you could also add it to other beverages such as milk or water. It only adds 30 calories to your diet, and is a delicious way to add healthy foods to your day.

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