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Monday, March 13, 2017

Karaoke-Mike MIKEY: Handheld Wireless Portable Microphone and Speaker Video Review

I just got this Karaoke-Mike MIKEY: Multipurpose Handheld Wireless Portable Microphone and Speaker for Bluetooth Audio Devices. It is a pretty handy microphone and speaker combination that can be used with your iOS or Android device. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can use your smartphone for karaoke on the go. You can also connect it with the included cable if desired, in case you want to use it with a device that doesn't have Bluetooth available.

I chose the black one, but this microphone is also available in pink or gold if you prefer. I really like the looks of all of them. Mikey has a microphone built into one end, and a speaker built into the other end. It has controls for volume and echo, making it ideal for karaoke.

It comes with a rechargeable battery, and can easily be recharged with the included USB cable. It can also be used as a power bank using the same cable. This combination speaker/microphone comes complete with an attractive case which makes it easy to take along wherever you go.

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