Wednesday, September 5, 2012

(Product Review) Tootsie Roll, Junior Mints Candy

Tootsie Roll, Junior Mints - 1.84 oz Each X 24 Pieces (Tootsie Roll)

Reviewed by kelly60 on 2012-10-05

Product Rating: 5

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Fresh, minty goodness, covered in chocolate, bite size pieces, great for sharing

Cons: None

Summary: I've enjoyed these candies for decades, and feel good about offering them as Halloween treats, or sharing them with friends and family.

As I mentioned in previous reviews, I like to provide several choices when it comes to Halloween treats for all the ghosts and goblins who come to my house. I like to offer an assortment of candies as well as a few non-food choices, so I can be sure that everyone has something they will enjoy.

Junior Mints from Tootsie Roll are one of my favorite candies, and have been since I was a child. These delicious little candies were first introduced in 1949, and have become a favorite of many over the years. They are a miniature version of York Peppermint Patties.

I generally buy them in the 1.84 ounce boxes, which can be purchased in the 24 count case for those times when you need enough to pass out as trick-or-treats, goody bags, or other occasions. Besides those I intend to pass out to guests, I often purchase these for myself, as well as for my kids and grandchildren.

Junior Mints are made of a rich, delicious, dark chocolate, surrounding a cool, refreshing peppermint center. Each bite sized piece floods your mouth with flavor. Just pop one into your mouth and enjoy the freshness.

I really enjoy the cool minty goodness mixed with the delicious chocolate taste of these candies, and would rank these candies as one of my personal favorites. There are very few people that I know who do not also enjoy them.

Each box of Junior Mints contains 220 calories, 35mg sodium, and 10% of the recommended allowance of iron. Of course, you don't have to eat the entire box, however once you start, you may find it difficult to stop. I like to open a box when my granddaughters come over so I can share with them. This way, I am not tempted to eat the entire box myself. That is one thing great about these bite sized pieces is that they are great for sharing.


Sugar, Semi-sweet Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Soya Lecithin - An Emulsifier, Vanillin - An Artificial Flavor), Corn Syrup, Confectioner's Glaze, Modified Food Starch, Peppermint Oil, Invertase (An Enzyme), Soya Albumin (A Protein), Gelatin.

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