Thursday, December 26, 2013

(Product Review) Old World Christmas Glass Ornament - The Pickle

Old World Christmas Glass Ornament - The Pickle

Reviewed by kelly60 on 2013-12-25

Product Rating: 3

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Kids might enjoy searching for the pickle. Could start a new Christmastime tradition.

Cons: Glass ornaments could break, but this one seems fairly sturdy. Gift box was rather plain.

Summary: If your family follows the old tradition of hide the pickle, you will probably enjoy this ornament. If not, you may enjoy a new tradition.

Recently, a friend gave me an early Christmas gift of this Old World Glass Christmas Ornament. I had never heard of a pickle ornament before, so she went on to explain the old tradition of hiding a Pickle Ornament on the Christmas tree. She told me that the pickle is always the last ornament to be added to the tree, and it is hidden deep within the tree branches. The first child to find the pickle receives a special blessing for the year and an extra gift. I knew nothing of this tradition, but found it interesting. I took my new Pickle Ornament home and hung on my own Christmas tree.

The Pickle is a glass ornament, so even though it is does not seem extremely fragile, I'm sure that it could be broken if dropped hard enough. For this reason I did not hang it on the lowest part of my tree where very young children or pets would be likely to knock it down.

As you may have guessed, the pickle ornament is green in color, and blends nicely with the tree branches, making it a bit more challenging for the children to find among the other ornaments. I thought that this might be a fun game for my grandchildren to play when they arrived.

The Pickle is approximately 3 inches long, and has a gold colored cap with a loop for hanging. It is rather attractive, at least for a pickle, except that the seams are very obvious. Even so, I doubt that the kids will notice or care that it doesn't look exactly like a real pickle. It certainly looks authentic enough for them.

This Christmas ornament is made by Old World Christmas. It was first released in July of 2013, and is recommended by the manufacturer for children over the age of one month. The Pickle ornament comes in a small white gift box.

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