Monday, March 31, 2014

(Product Review) Just Desserts Kindle Edition by Kemberlee Shortland

I am always looking for new and different kinds of foods to make, and decided to order a a few recipe eBooks. One of the ones I chose was Just Desserts Kindle Edition by Kemberlee Shortland because I was getting a bit tired of always making the same desserts for my family.

The cover pictures of the eBook caught my interest and I had hopes of new and different dessert ideas. I will admit that there were some recipes for things I hadn't thought of making, but there were also many that I was already making from very similar recipes. Additionally, there were a lot of mixed drink recipes included which can be either a pro or con depending on what you are looking for. I am personally not opposed to the drink recipes and found a few of them to be ones I might try one of these days, but for now was only looking for desserts. Even so, there were enough recipes that I would like to try to make it a worthwhile book, although I think that it would be more suited to readers who did not already have a lot of recipes at their disposal.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I can no longer recommend Epinions to my followers.

After fifteen years of posting product reviews on, the site has gone the way of so many others and sent many wonderful writers packing. They had a good run before eBay took over, but are no longer a site where we can count on finding an unbiased review or oftentimes even finding a review at all.

Not only did they close the doors to the long time loyal reviewers, but have removed many reviews in lieu of paid advertisements. I can no longer recommend Epinions. I hope that someone else will pick up where Epinions left off, but in the meantime, I will be posting reviews here from time to time.