Tuesday, December 26, 2017

(Product Review) Pete Gear Hub Pepper Grinder - Pepper Mill - Salt Grinder

For those of you who love kitchen gadgets, I picked up this Pete Gear Hub Pepper Grinder - Pepper Mill & Salt Grinder with Adjustable Ceramic Mechanism comes with a FREE eBook with 50 Recipes. This salt grinder and pepper mill is an easy and attractive way to serve salt and pepper on your dining table.

Both ends unscrew to add your salt and pepper. You can use whatever type you like, and and it is easy to adjust the grind. You just turn the end to adjust the grind to just the way you like it.

This is a perfect addition to your dinner table. It looks fantastic even on a formal dining table, yet is also perfect for every day use. I was happy to have it on our holiday buffet table this Christmas, but will also be using it in my home year around for family meals.

I love that it is big enough to hold a decent amount of both salt and pepper, and that there is only one shaker on the table to worry about. I also love that the acrylic material is tough enough to withstand drops. Being able to see how much salt and pepper are left in the shaker is also great because this way, we don't run out unexpectedly. Adjustment is simple, and this is also something that we really love. You can adjust it anywhere from a very coarse to a very find grind.

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