Tuesday, February 12, 2013

(Product Review) Apex Pill Splitter

Apex Pill Splitter Review

Apex Pill Splitter (colors may vary) (AP70028)

Product Rating: 4

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Made in USA, small, inexpensive, easy to use

Cons: None

Summary: This product is easy to use, and works well. I recommend this to anyone who needs to split medication doses for personal or veterinary uses.

I take several medications and supplements, and on occasion I have needed to split pills in order to take a smaller dosage of one pill or another. I have cut them in half with a knife or razor blade for years, but decided to pick up a pill splitter in an effort to simplify things.

The Apex Pill Splitter is available in a variety of colors. I ordered mine for around $5 each. When ordering online you get a random color rather than a choice, however I was happy with the blue one I got.

This item is made in the USA, and feels fairly sturdy. It is made of plastic with a steel blade for cutting the pills. To use it, simply lift the hinged top, slide your pill into the notched v-shaped slot, then gently close the cover. As long as your pill is lined up correctly, it should cut fairly evenly. The only time I had problems with this is when I got in a hurry and didn't have the pill lined up straight in the slot.

I have seen comments by others stating that they ended up with lots of crumbs or uneven cuts. I haven't had a problem with this when using it correctly. Yes, you do need to make sure the pill is straight or you obviously won't get a straight cut. Also, if you slam the lid shut rather than closing it slowly, your medications might crumble somewhat rather than a nice smooth cut. Aside from that, it seems to work rather well.

Another nice feature of this pill splitter is that it has two little compartments in it where you can store your split pills. If cutting a couple of types of pills, just drop one into each compartment. You can even store them in the compartments if desired, or pour them out into your pill bottle or pill box.

You can use this on both coated and uncoated pills up to a half inch in diameter. I have used it for larger pills as well as smaller ones, and for both round and oval pills. It worked well for my medications as well as for pills for my pets.

I recommend this product to anyone who needs an easy and convenient tool for splitting pills.

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