Friday, March 15, 2019

Spy Camera Book Hidden Camera HD 1080P Nanny Camera Covert Home Security Cam Motion Detection Video Recorder 10000mAh Battery Super Night Vision (A) (Product Review)

I bought the Spy Camera Book Hidden Camera HD 1080P Nanny Camera as part of an effort to enhance my home security. This home security camera is a Covert Home Security Cam Motion Detection Video Recorder with 10000mAh Battery Super Night Vision.

I was disappointed when I opened the box and found no user manual, and no card reader that was supposed to come with the hidden book camera, and immediately contacted the company for support. They simply told me to look again (it still isn't there) but they did send me instructions on how to use the camera so I could at least get started.

I'm not sure if it was because I didn't have the normal instruction manual, or if it is a just a bit confusing to set up, but I did manage to get it set up without too much difficulty and was able to monitor my office area using this hidden camera. The camera blended in nicely with the other books on the bookshelf and was completely unnoticeable.

I love how easy it is to hide this camera in plain site. It looks like a normal book or journal. It is styled like a simple notebook, and even includes a few sheets of writing paper. I even had to look for a minute to figure out where the camera and buttons were. I would never have guessed that it was a camera, and neither would anyone else who sees it on my desk or bookshelf.

The pictures were clear enough, and I like the night vision and motion activation features of the camera too. The only thing that I had a problem with wast the location of the switches was a bit awkward for me. I suppose this is necessary though in order to keep them well hidden. All in all, I am happy with the hidden camera. It does as claimed, and does it well.

This would be perfect for home or office use. I love that I can leave it right out in the open for added security in the home or in the office. I think this is a good investment for my peace of mind.

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