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(Product Review) Boo Boo Pack Cold Packs: Reusable Cold Therapy Just for Kids

First Aid Boo Boo Pack Cold Pack 

Product Rating: 5

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Cute and functional

Cons: Can't be used as a hot pack

Summary: Great to have on hand for young children. These cute ice packs help make pain more bearable for little ones.

I try to always keep a well stocked first aid kit wherever I go because wherever there are kids (and often adults too) there are going to be a variety of scrapes, cuts and bruises. Although there are times when we need to use a disposable ice pack in the first aid kits in the vehicles, at home, I like to keep a Boo Boo Pack Cold Pack in my freezer for little ouchies.

This past summer, I couldn't begin to tell you how many times my granddaughters came running in the house with a scraped knee or elbow from a biking accident, skating accident, or other injury. For them, I like to keep the Boo Boo Pack Cold Packs on hand and ready to grab in a moment's notice.

The Teddy Bear Shaped Boo Boo Pack pictured here is just one of several assorted shapes and colors of reusable cold therapy designed especially for kids. Some of the others include a lady bug, butterfly, bee, gold fish, dog, cat, and a few sports related themes including a baseball, soccer ball and a basketball. I have several including this cute little teddy bear in both green and blue, so I can easily swap for a fresh cold one when one starts to warm up.

Each cold pack is filled with a nontoxic silica gel, so instead of freezing solid like an ice cube, the gel remains soft and pliable even when frozen. This makes it much more gentle and soothing for icing injuries on young children. Of course, the adorable shapes can also help to distract your little ones from the pain.

These work great for fever, swelling, and other pain, and are also great on a hot day just to help cool an irritable child. These cold packs remain cold for up to 30 minutes, then toss it back in your freezer or cooler for next time. As I mentioned earlier, keeping a second one in the freezer can be a big help as well, so you can just switch to a fresh cold pack while the first one is getting cold again.

These ice packs measure approximately 4.5 by 3 inches, depending on which shape you choose. They are the perfect size for small boo boos and children love the fun shapes and colors. Even though these are made especially for kids, adults can use them too. I sometimes grab one of these out of the freezer to treat one of my migraines, or a small injury on myself.

According to the manufacturer, you should remove from packaging and freeze for around 2 hours before the first use. To make them last longer, you should keep them in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer when not in use. This will prevent the gel inside from drying out and getting hard. I have had mine for a year or two now and mine are still in good shape.

When treating injuries, you should place a towel between the skin and the ice pack, although these do not appear to damage the skin the way many other ice packs do. Ice packs should only be left on for 30 minute intervals unless otherwise directed by a doctor.

Some of the precautions include warnings that you should not lie, sleep or sit on the ice pack, and watch for skin irritation. This is especially important for young children who might not let you know if there is a problem. These gel packs are not intended for use as a hot pack and should never be heated in the microwave or otherwise. To care for your Boo Boo Pack Cold Pack, wipe any moisture from the pack, then return to the freezer until needed again.

Recommended to help make pain more "bearable" especially for young children.

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