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(Product Review) Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wood Clothespins with Springs

Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wood Clothespins with Springs

Clothes Pins Traditional Wood w/ Spring 50-Pack Wooden Clothespins

Product Rating: 3

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Great for laundry or craft projects

Cons: none

Summary: These aren't as heavy duty as some of my older pins, but work well for most laundry and craft projects.

As I mentioned in a previous review, I don't hang nearly as much laundry out on the clothesline as I have in the past. Still, I sometimes like to hang some of my laundry on the clothesline when the weather is nice. I have lost or broken a large share of my clothespins over the years, and needed to pick up some more. I recently reviewed my purchase of Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wood Clothespins which was one of the clothespin purchases I made. Since I like to keep an assortment of clothespins on hand, I also purchased a package of  Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wood Clothespins with Springs.

These are the old fashioned spring clothespins I grew up with. These spring clothespins, referred to as bulldog clothespins are made up of two pieces of wood held together by a spring. When you squeeze the two pieces of wood together on one end, the opposite end opens. To use the clothespin, simply squeeze the end to open, slide the pin over the clothing, then release the pin allowing it to close over your clothing item.

These clothespins measure just over 3 inches long by about a half inch wide. Even though they are not as sturdy as the older ones I have, they seem sturdy enough to do the job. According to the manufacturer, they are rated to hold up to ten pounds per clip. I can't vouch for that since I don't weigh my wet laundry before hanging, but they seem to work well for my laundry.

The manufacturer also states that the birch hardwood construction and heavy duty spring are built to last. I have had a couple of these come apart in my clothespin bag, but for the most part, they are holding up very well.

In addition to using them for laundry, I also have used some for various art projects. The kids enjoyed painting them up like animals, making an alligator clip to hold notes. They can easily be turned into anything from a Christmas ornament, to a note holder, to any number of other craft projects. I found a few more interesting ideas online that I will be trying when I get a chance.

Whether purchasing these for hanging laundry or for craft projects, these clothespins worked well for me, so I have no problem recommending them to others as well.

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