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(Product Review) Wilton Spring Confetti Sprinkles

Wilton Spring Confetti Sprinkles Review

Wilton Spring Confetti Sprinkles, 2-Ounce

Reviewed by kelly60 on 2013-03-30

Product Rating: 5

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Seasonal colors work well for Easter/spring themed baked goods, but can be used any time.

Cons: Seasonal colors aren't always easy to find when not in season.

Summary: Great for bright and beautiful Easter or spring baked goods, or use any time to brighten up your cakes, cookies, ice cream and more.

Holiday baking can be fun for both children and adults. Decorating your baked goods is a great activity to share with the kids too. For Easter, one of the decorations we chose for our cookies and cupcakes was a 2 ounce container of Wilton Spring Confetti Sprinkles.

These brightly colored confetti disks are a beautiful addition to your baked goods. My granddaughters and I enjoyed sprinkling a few on top of our cookies and cupcakes, giving them a personal touch. The plastic bottle is clear so you can tell at a glance which color of sprinkles you have. You can either pour or sprinkle the candy sprinkles from the bottle, however I suggest sprinkling them by hand instead for a more even spread. This is especially true for children. I usually place these and other decorations into smaller containers where the girls can take a few into their hand at a time to sprinkle them onto the freshly frosted cookies or cupcakes.

You can use these Confetti Sprinkles alone or in combination with other decorations. The most important thing to keep in mind is to add the larger ones first, then fill in the gaps with the smaller sizes of decorations. If you add the smaller ones first, you may have trouble getting some of the larger ones to stay in place. The kids really didn't care though, they had fun picking up the dropped pieces and eating them while they worked on their masterpieces.

This bottle of sprinkles contains a nice variety of bright spring colors including blue, green, yellow, purple, white, pink, and orange. They work well for any Easter or spring themed project, or can be used any time for bright and colorful baked goods. These have been a big hit at bake sales as well as birthday parties and graduations in addition to the holiday cookie trays. They also look nice on other treats such as ice cream or pudding, although if you add them to something that contains a lot of moisture the colors may begin to run a bit.

These sugary treats do contain calories so if you are watching your waistline, you should probably eat them in moderation. They are made of compressed sugar with color added, and don't really add to the flavor of your baked goods, but they do add to the attractiveness of your goodies. In addition to the color, they can also add a bit of a crunch. Because they are relatively thin, it will not be a big crunch unless you add an extreme amount, but they aren't going to instantly dissolve either.

Another thing I like about these sprinkles is that they generally have a long shelf life, so you don't need to worry about using the entire bottle up before it goes bad. Just close the bottle tightly and store them in a cool dry place, and the decorations will stay fresh for a long time. One thing I should mention though is that the dropped pieces that I mentioned earlier should never be returned to the bottle because even a slight bit of frosting or moisture from little fingers could cause clumping in the bottle. It is best to either replace them onto your baked goods, or pop them into your mouth to avoid ruining the remaining sprinkles in the bottle.

I recommend these colorful confetti sprinkles for anyone who enjoys making attractive baked goods.

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