Sunday, February 19, 2017

ChiroDoc Heat Therapy Coccyx Cushion Video Review

ChiroDoc Heat Therapy Coccyx Cushion - USB Powered - Ergonomic Seat Cushion - Perfect For Lower Back & Coccyx & Tailbone Pain Relief (Sciatica) - Reduce Back Pain From Sitting All Day - Use Anywhere.

This coccyx cushion provides relief by providing gentle support. It makes sitting for long hours much more comfortable. I love that this one has a built in heater, which also provides added relief. Just plug it into any USB source such as your computer, car charger or even a power bank.

I have been using mine in the car, but it could also be used at your desk, in a wheelchair, or anyplace you like to sit. Because it is powered by USB, I can easily take it with me and use it anywhere by bringing along my power bank.

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