Monday, February 13, 2017

(Product Review) Easy@Home 3-in-1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

This Easy@Home 3-in-1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for babies, children, adults makes it easy to take child or baby's temperature. It's quick and easy to use. Just press the scan button to turn it on, then press it again while holding the thermometer about an inch from your child's forehead. It quickly gets a reading so you won't have to fight with fussy children who don't want to sit still to be checked.

I got the thermometer just in time since my 4 year old grandson and I have both been sick all week. I find it much more convenient to quickly scan his forehead while he naps, rather than take a chance on waking him up to check his temperature with my other thermometer or fighting him to sit still while waiting for some thermometers to register. As far as accuracy, the temperatures registered with this one were almost identical to those from another thermometer we were using, so I must assume that they are pretty accurate.

One feature I really like about this thermometer is that it lights up in 3 different colors to signal the temperature range. If you or your child have a fever, the display is red. For normal temperatures it will display green. If the temperature is only slightly elevated, it will display as orange. This makes it quick and easy to tell at a glance if your child has a fever without even having to read the numbers.

There are also 3 different modes on the thermometer. In addition to checking your temperature, you can also quickly check the room temperature or surface temperatures of objects by setting it on one of the other modes. Also, an additional memory feature is nice for recalling previous temperature readings so you can easily keep track of the ups and downs.

This thermometer is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included so you can use it right out of the package. Mine came with dead batteries, but after replacing them with a fresh set, I had no problems. It powers off automatically after use, so the batteries should last for quite a while. As with any battery operated device, remember to remove batteries if it will be stored for a long time without using it and this thermometer should should keep working for years to come.

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