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(Product Review) Learning Resources Pretend Sandwich Set - Celebrate National Bologna Day October 24

Looking over a calendar of October holidays, including a list of little known holidays, I decided to review several products to celebrate them. In addition to Halloween, I have included a few little known October holidays. I posted reviews for several products on another site before the site went bad. I am no longer affiliated with the site where I originally posted them, so decided to bring them to my own blog to share with my visitors.

  • Learning Resources Pretend Sandwich Set - Celebrate National Bologna Day October 24

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      October, 24 2011
  • Pros: Encourages pretend play in kids, sparks their interest in helping with food preparation.
    Cons: Not enough sandwich fillers, price is a bit steep for what you get.
    Monday, October 24 is National Bologna Day. Lets celebrate by making bologna sandwiches!

    A friend of mine recently bought the Learning Resources Pretend Sandwich Set for when her grandchildren come over to visit. I had considered buying this for my grandchildren as well.

    The set comes with 14 pieces including a sturdy shopping basket containing six slices of bread (two slices of whole wheat and four slices of white), two slices of cheese, one slice each of turkey, bologna, salami, lettuce and tomato.

    The Learning Resources Pretend Sandwich Set claims to contain enough food for your child to make 3 sandwiches, but all I can say is that it can only make 3 skimpy sandwiches. If your children want to make 3 sandwiches that are a bit more complete, they are sure to be disappointed. Providing you place only one slice of meat per sandwich, this leaves just 2 slices of cheese, and one piece each of the lettuce and tomato. This might be alright for just one child, but when multiple children tried to play together, there were constant arguments over who got the tomato, or who didn't get any cheese. Most kids like to pile on the toppings, so I think that this would be nicer if it included a bit more of the sandwich fillings.

    The basket size is approximately 10 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches and comes in assorted primary colors. The bread, meats, cheeses and vegetables are approximately the sizes of the real food items. It has a nice texture, is a bit flexible, and looks pretty realistic.

    The pieces are made of plastic, and wipe clean easily. Since the pieces are close to actual size, they do not present a choking hazard to even young children. They are recommended for children 3 years or older, but even younger children may enjoy playing with them.

    The kids enjoy making sandwiches for each other and for themselves, but like I said earlier, the lack of sandwich fillers can sometimes present a problem. Although they play with this set all of the time, there is often a problem at some point in their play because there just isn't enough fillers to go around. The problem was partially solved when we found a few stray play food items at a garage sale. Too bad we couldn't find a couple more tomatoes to go with the set because this is the one piece that they fight about the most.

    The Learning Resources Pretend Sandwich Set can be a fun learning experience, inspiring pretend play in preschoolers, but unless you have either more than one set or some additional items to use for sandwich fillers, I just can't recommend it. I think that they would have been better off to include a couple more filler items either in addition or in place of a couple of the slices of bread.

    The concept is good, and it is a good quality set, but considering that it doesn't have enough of the sandwich fillings to make the 3 full sandwiches, I feel that the price is a bit steep for what you get. 

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