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(Product Review) Oscar's Trashy Songs by Sesame Street

Looking over a calendar of October holidays, including a list of little known holidays, I decided to review several products to celebrate them. In addition to Halloween, I have included a few little known October holidays. I posted reviews for several products on another site before the site went bad. I am no longer affiliated with the site where I originally posted them, so decided to bring them to my own blog to share with my visitors.

October 15, National Grouch Day:
Oscar's Trashy Songs by Sesame Street (Music)  

Oscar's Trashy Songs by Sesame Street (National Grouch Day Oct. 15)

Sesame Street: Oscar's Trashy Songs by Sesame Street (CD, Apr-1997, Sony Music Distribution (USA))

Reviewed by kelly60 on 2011-10-15

Product Rating: 5

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Cute songs with clever lyrics. Good for cheering up your own grouches.

Cons: None

Summary: I recommend this fun CD filled with songs that any Sesame Street/Oscar the Grouch fan will love. Good for cheering up grouches.

In honor of National Grouch Day (October 15) I would like to share this an adorable CD full of trashy songs from Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar's Trashy Songs contains 15 songs by Oscar the Grouch, who in some cases is joined by Grundgetta, Telly Monster, the Grouche Chorale, the Grouchketeers and more. Any Oscar the Grouch fan will love hearing Oscar's familiar gravely voice singing these songs made popular on the Sesame Street show. Some of my favorites include Let a Frown be Your Umbrella, and I'm Sad Because I'm Happy and I Love Trash.

I remember a couple of these songs from watching Sesame Street with my now grown children. I guess maybe part of the reason I still enjoy them is that it brings back memories of time spent with my children when they were little. Of course, my grandchildren enjoy Oscar too, so now I can share these fun songs with them as well.

I think that both children and adults will enjoy Oscar's Trashy Songs, or at least I do. Whether he is singing about the wonderful trash in his can, or the honk, bang, whistle and crash sounds on Sesame Street, Oscar takes on a happy, upbeat tone that is sure to cheer you up. Something about Oscar's grouchiness can help with even the most disagreeable of moods.

Oscar's Trashy Songs was released by Sony Wonder in 1997, and is still a big hit with the kids today. The catchy tunes and the clever lyrics are fun for everyone. This is also available in cassette format.

1. I Love Trash
2. Oscar's Junk Band (featuring Grundgetta & Telly Monster)
3. Let a Frown Be Your Umbrella (Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella) (with Farley)
4. Rain Falls
5. Grouchelot (with Grungetta/Telly Monster/Stephen J. Grouch)
6. Noise
7. I'm Sad Because I'm Happy (with The Grouche Chorale)
8. Grouch Song
9. Wonderful Me
10. Hey Little Worm (with the Grouchketeers)
11. Oscar's Do Re Mi (with The Grouchketeers)
12. Swamp Mushy Muddy
13. Honk, Bang, Whistle and Crash
14. Little Grouch Music, A (Grouchy Music in the Night)
15. There's a Big Heap of Trash at the End of the Rainbow (with The Grouch Chorale) 

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