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(Product Review) Penn Plax Mini Female Wizard Aquarium Ornament

Penn Plax Mini Female Wizard Aquarium Ornament Review

Mini Female Wizard Fish Ornament Decoration (Penn)

Reviewed by kelly60 on 2013-01-22

Product Rating: 4

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Safe for fresh or salt water aquarium, small size for tight spaces

Cons: Too small for larger aquariums, but works well in small tanks

Summary: This is a cute little decoration that works well in either fresh or salt water aquariums. This figurine works well in small medieval themed aquariums or fish bowls.

As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I am always looking for new and different decorative pieces to add to my collection of aquarium ornaments and other decorations.

Several years ago I found a great deal on aquarium ornaments so I picked up several of them including the Mini Female Wizard Aquarium Ornament shown here for just a couple of dollars each. To be honest, she spent a lot more time on a shelf display than she did in one of my aquariums at first, but eventually was moved to one of the smaller tanks.

This adorable Female Wizard Aquarium Ornament from Penn Plax is made of resin and measures approximately 4 1/2 inches tall with her base measuring just over 2 inches in diameter. This is a perfect size to decorate some of the smaller aquariums or fish bowls, although for larger aquariums you might want to get a larger version which is also available in this style. The medium sized ornament that matches this one measures about 7 inches tall and would work better for a larger fish tank.

This ornament is handcrafted and has some pretty nice detail to her. She is decked out in a red wizard robe and hat with blue and gold accents. She carries a staff in one hand and holds an orb in the other. She is adorned with a tiny pendant around her neck, and even has nicely detailed facial features.

She can be used in either a freshwater or saltwater tank, and looks great in my medieval themed aquarium. She goes well with many color schemes, and looks great with any or all of the male wizards I bought along with her, and also with one of my castle ornaments.

I clean this ornament the same way I do many of the others. A quick rinse keeps the worst of the debris from sticking to the ornament, and a soft bristled toothbrush works well for cleaning them before putting one ornament away to replace it with another design. She cleaned up easily with no problems until it was time to bring her back out recently.

She has been hanging out with my fish for a little while now, and they seem rather indifferent to her presence. Perhaps this is because I change the decorations in their tanks often, and they have become accustomed to a variety of different decorations being added. They swim happily around her and the other wizard characters in the tank.

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