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(Product Review) Sylvania 11669 40 Watt A19 Soft White Incandescent Light Bulbs

Sylvania 11669 40 Watt A19 Soft White Incandescent Light Bulbs Review

Sylvania 11669 40 Watt A19 Soft White Incandescent Bulbs, Pack of 4

Reviewed by kelly60 on 2013-01-16

Product Rating: 4

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Made in USA, inexpensive, no toxic mercury, soft white light is easier on sensitive eyes.

Cons: Incandescent bulbs may be phased because they are less energy efficient than some others.

Summary: Eventually I may have to give up the fight if incandescent bulbs are phased out, but for now, these are my preferred bulbs.

Several light bulbs around my home seem to have burned out at about the same time, so I needed to restock. Although most of the family prefers brighter lights, there are some light fixtures where I prefer a 40 watt light bulb rather than a higher wattage bulb. For these lights, I chose Sylvania 40 Watt Soft White Incandescent Bulbs.

I picked up a package of these light bulbs for around $3 for 4 bulbs. These bulbs fit in any standard light fixture, and for those with light sensitivity like mine, these are a perfect bulb. The 40 watt bulb is not as bright as the 60, 75, or 100 watt bulbs that are readily available, which suits me just fine. Additionally, the Soft White Bulbs don't give off as much glare as some of the other bulbs.

Additionally, these bulbs work well in most lamps and light fixtures. Some of the higher wattage bulbs do not. We have a few lights around our home that state that you should never use a bulb over 40 or over 60 watts in them. These bulbs work perfectly for every light in our home, even those attatched to a dimmer.

They may not illuminate things as much as some of my family members would like, but they light things up pretty well in most cases. I guess it depends on the layout of the room and where the light is located, as well as what type of work you need the light for. I use these for all of my personal areas, and use brighter bulbs in some of the other living spaces.

Besides the fact that these light bulbs do not blind me like some of the others, they also use less electricity than the higher wattage bulbs. I think we get a pretty good bang for our buck with these bulbs, and that they are a good multipurpose bulb.

For those who are not sure what the difference is between the various types of light bulbs, an incandescent bulb is the one most us us are familiar with. It is a standard light bulb that works by passing electricity through a filament, heating it to produce a warm, white light. They are usually less expensive than other types of light bulbs, and have a shorter lifespan.

Some other types of light bulbs are halogen, LED, and CFL bulbs. They all have their advantages and their disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that they are more expensive, at least on the initial investment. The longer life, in many cases makes up the difference though.

Even though I have heard that incandescent light bulbs will eventually be phased out in this country as well as others because they are less energy efficient than some of the others, I will continue to use them as long as I can because I prefer the soft glow of these light bulbs as opposed to harsh glaring lights or the CFL light bulbs that contain toxic mercury. They also provide better ambient lighting, rather than the more directional lighting or harsh glare that some other lights offer. I also prefer to pay less than $1 per bulb as opposed to paying many times this amount for some of the other bulbs out there.

From the Manufacturer
Fully dimmable
40 Watt Soft White medium base bulb
120 volt
A19 Medium Screw (E26) Base
Soft White Incandescent
Made in USA
Contains no toxic mercury

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