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(Product Review) Soft White Decor Flame Tip Incandescent Sylvania 25 Watt Decorative Light Bulbs

Soft White Decor Flame Tip Incandescent Sylvania 25 Watt Decorative Light Bulbs Review

Sylvania Lighting 25W/WHT/MED/FLAM2 Decorative Light Bulb 25W (pack of 6)

Reviewed by kelly60 on 2013-01-17

Product Rating: 4

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Made in USA, inexpensive, no toxic mercury, soft white light is easier on sensitive eyes.

Cons: Incandescent bulbs may be phased because they are less energy efficient than some newer types.

Summary: Eventually I may have to give up the fight if incandescent bulbs are phased out, but for now I prefer them for most areas of my home.

If you enjoy soft lighting as much as I do, these Sylvania Soft White Decor Flame Tip Decorative Light Bulbs may be perfect for some areas in your home. Although they don't put out a lot of light at 25 watts each, they provide a nice ambiance to a room, and provide enough light to see well enough for most activities without hurting my eyes.

These decorative bulbs have a medium base, which means that they fit well in any standard sized lamp or light fixture. I have used them in a ceiling fan, which provided a total of 75 watts of lighting from the 3 light fixtures. This was plenty bright enough for me, and a lot less glaring than some of the brighter bulbs. These also worked very well in a chandelier which used multiple light bulbs since there was plenty of light without bothering my sensitive eyes.

These are incandescent bulbs, which means that they are not as energy efficient as some of the newer types of bulbs. Even so, these bulbs only use 25 watts as opposed to the higher 40, 60, 75, or 100 watt bulbs that are often used in light fixtures.

For those who are not sure what the difference is between the various types of light bulbs, an incandescent bulb is the one most us us are familiar with. It is a standard light bulb that works by passing electricity through a filament, heating it to produce a warm, white light. They are usually less expensive than other types of light bulbs, and have a shorter lifespan.

Some other types of light bulbs are halogen, LED, and CFL bulbs. They all have their advantages and their disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that they are more expensive, at least on the initial investment. The longer life, in many cases makes up the difference though.

I don't recall just what I paid for these bulbs, however I found them on sale plus had a rebate offer on them at the time. Because of this I got my light bulbs for free or close to it. Of course, unless you luck out and find sales, coupons and/or rebates, your cost will likely be higher.

These bulbs are soft white in color, and are the popular flame shape. Even though the medium base works well in any standard light fixture, the bulb is a bit smaller, making it a better fit for some lamps. The only time this would likely be a problem is if you have lampshades that clamp onto the light bulb. In this case, they may not fit correctly. In addition to my ceiling fan and chandelier, these also were a nice fit for the pair of can style light fixtures over my bar. These fixtures are smaller in diameter and because you must reach inside the shade to change the bulb, it can sometimes be awkward for larger hands. These smaller bulbs are a breeze to change.

As I mentioned earlier, these 25 watt bulbs provide a sufficient amount of light for smaller areas, especially when used in fixtures that make use of multiple bulbs. Additionally, they save energy as opposed to higher wattage bulbs. They are rated at a 1,500 hour average lifespan. Although I can't vouch for this since I have never attempted to time any of my light fixtures, these lasted for a long time.

Although it is my understanding that incandescent bulbs will eventually be phased out in this country as well as others because they are less energy efficient than some of the newer styles available, I will continue to use these for the time being because I prefer the soft glow of these light bulbs as opposed to harsh glaring lights or CFL lights containing toxic mercury. They also provide better ambient lighting, rather than the more directional lighting or harsh glare that some other lights offer. I also prefer to pay less per bulb as opposed to paying many times the price for some of the other bulbs out there.

From the Manufacturer

25 Watt Soft White
120 volt
Average Rated Life (hr): 1,500
Medium Aluminum Screw Base
Soft White Incandescent
Flame Shape
White Light
Made in USA
Contains no toxic mercury

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