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(Product Review) Schylling 13-piece Boxed Ladybug Tea Set

Schylling 13-piece Boxed Ladybug Tea Set Review


Reviewed by kelly60 on 2013-01-27

Product Rating: 3

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Adorable ladybug pattern, porcelain tea set brings back fond childhood memories, teaches coordination.

Cons: A bit smaller than I would like. Uncertainty as to lead content.

Summary: Somewhat smaller than I would like, but kids enjoy it. The porcelain seems to hold up well with my grandchildren. Fun pretend play for children, but possible lead content.

I remember how much fun I had holding tea parties as a child. My brother and sisters and I would enjoy sipping tea in my little tea set. I saw the Schylling 13-piece Boxed Ladybug Tea Set at Wal-Mart and it reminded me of those days. I purchased this set for around $10 for my granddaughters to play with when they come to visit.

The set contains 13 pieces. There are 4 cups with saucers, a tea pot with lid, a sugar bowl with lid, and a spouted creamer. This worked out well because there are usually anywhere from 2 to 4 children who wish to attend one of these tea parties at a time.

The set is made of porcelain, so it is not meant to take a lot of abuse. My two youngest grandchildren are probably a bit to young for this set, which is fine because not only is it breakable, but also contains small parts which could present a choking hazard for the very little ones. Even though the manufacturer states that this is intended for children 8 years and older, my 3 year old granddaughter enjoys playing with it. Of course, this will depend on the child, and younger children should always be well supervised during playtime.

This porcelain set is a glossy white with an adorable ladybug design and the words "Lady bug, lady bug, fly away home!" adorning the pieces. It is an attractive set for display, and the kids enjoy the parties they hold with this set.

On the downside, the pieces are rather small with the cups measuring only 1¼ inches tall. Even though they do sometimes serve tea in these cups, they appear to be made more for appearance than actual use. The set I had as a child had cups about twice this size, and this is what I would have preferred. Even so, the kids enjoy them, so who am I to complain.

With the set being so small, it is just right for little hands to use. It helps them to gain the coordination needed to pour the tea from the little pitcher into the tiny cups. Yes, there are sometimes spills, but it is all a learning process. Even the 3 year old is getting much better at pouring the tea for her cousins.

On another note, the view details link suggests that this product may contain lead. I saw no mention of this issue on the box, on the manufacture's website, or in multiple online listings, so I can not verify whether or not this is true. The only warning I found was that it could be a choking hazard for children under 3 years old. Still, I thought it should be mentioned so readers can make their own decision regarding this issue.

Even so, I recommend this set because of the fun my grandchildren have had with it. I will continue to search for details on the lead issue, however I don't feel that there is enough evidence to discount this product because of it at this time.

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