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(Product Review) Checks Unlimited Online Store

Checks Unlimited Online Store

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In these days of debit cards and online bill payments, I don't use nearly the amount of paper checks that I used to. Still, there are times when paper checks become necessary, so I always like to make sure I have plenty on hand. Years ago, I used to order them directly from my bank or credit union, however I found that I was paying several times as much per check when purchasing them this way. I was happy to find Checks Unlimited because they offered me a variety of check designs for much less than what I was paying through my financial institution.

When I originally discovered this company, it was through an advertisement in a magazine. I tore the coupon from the magazine, filled in my information, and sent away for my checks. Since that time, I have placed multiple orders through the Checks Unlimited Online Store.

The site is easy to navigate. Along the top of the page you can click the appropriate tab for personal checks, business checks, accessories, special offers and more. At the bottom of the page are sections including how to order checks, why you should order them online, tracking your order, site map, a frequently asked questions section, and more.

The selection is good with over 110 different check designs. Some of the featured designs include a variety of special edition checks. The designs offered change from time to time, so be sure to pick up those you want right away. Included in these designs are Harley-Davidson, Disney Princesses, Looney Tunes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Precious Moments, Batman, American Heroes, and many more. You can even get checks with your own photographs as a background.

Not only can you choose from a large variety of check designs, but you can also pick up address labels, checkbook registers and covers, self-inking address stamps, and more. I have been quite impressed with the variety of items available from this online store.

These checks start at around $19 per box of single checks and $22 per box for duplicates. Of course, some checks such as the photo impressions cost a bit more, ranging from $23.95 for singles to $27.95 for the carbonless duplicate checks. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple boxes, for new customers, and sometimes for for return customers.

To order your checks, simply choose the design, format (one or two part checks), and quantity of checks you wish to order. Add any offer codes you may have. These are sometimes found online, and often on the site itself.

Next you will need to personalize your order by adding the required information about your financial institution including your routing number, account number, and check starting number, as well as your last name and zip code. Then, add your name and address as you would like it to appear on the checks. Be certain that this information matches the information on file with your bank. Depending on the product being ordered, you may then be given customization options such as customized fonts, symbols, or a personalized message for an additional charge.

Once your information has been submitted, you can choose your delivery option. You can choose standard delivery which takes up to 10 business days at no additional charge, secure trackable delivery for 4-6 day delivery for around $9, or a couple of other options including an in-plant rush to expedite your order for an additional charge. I have only ever used the standard delivery option, but always got my checks within 8-10 days.

Be certain to look over the order summary to be sure that everything is as it should be before finalizing your order so you don't get any surprises when your checks arrive. Even though your financial information is verified through your bank before printing, some typos such as transposed telephone digits may not be caught.

To finalize your order you will need to enter your credit card information and complete the checkout process. You will be taken to a confirmation screen which you can print out for your records if desired. You should also get an email confirming the receipt of your order.

Depending on the delivery option you have chosen, you should recieve your checks within a few days. You should verify the information on your checks right away in case there are any problems. They have a have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products, so if items are not printed as ordered, you can call their tollfree number and get them replaced. I have not needed to use their customer service, but it is nice to know that it is available if needed.

The checks I purchased from this company were every bit as good as the ones I got from my bank. They have security features including chemical protection, erasure protection and microprint signature line. The main differences in these checks and the ones I have purchased from the bank were the price and the variety of designs available. I would recommend this store and their products to anyone who uses paper checks.

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