Friday, December 30, 2016

(Product Review) JACKYLED Dimmable 65-Watt Equivalent, LED 7 Watt Warm White 2700K Chandelier Bulb

I have several lights around my house that require candelabra type bulbs. I just replaced a bulb in one of my lamps with the JACKYLED Dimmable 65-Watt Light Candelabra LED Bulbs Equivalent, LED 7 Watt Warm White 2700K Chandelier Bulb. Prior to replacing the bulb, my lamp provided much less light using standard bulbs, and also cost me more to operate.

This light provides 600 lumens and operates at 120 vikts, Tge 7 watt LED bulb provides the equivilant lighting to a 65 watt bulb. It fits nicely in a standard E12 candelabra base. The bulb is a torpedo shape which goes nicely with the other bulbs in my lamp.

I really like that I can use this one bulb to provide so much light. My lamp is rated for a standard 25 watt bulb, and even though it takes 5 bulbs, the lighting just isn't as good as I would sometimes like. The different bulbs on my lamp can be operated individually, so I can have as much or as little light as needed by turning different parts on.

In addition to providing so much extra light, this bulb is also dimable so I can turn the lighting down lower if needed if I use it in my other lamp. This is a very versatile light bulb that can be used wherever needed. I would recommend this bulb to anyone who appreciates the savings of using LED lighting without sacrificing the brightness you enjoy.

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