Tuesday, December 6, 2016

(Product Review) Night Owl 200 USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light

When riding your bike at night, it is important to be seen and also to be able to see the road. I got the Night Owl 200 USB Rechargeable Front Bike Light for better visibility. This bike light is bright, so you can see well in the darkness. It can be adjusted with a quick press of the button for low, medium and high beams as well as a flashing strobe light.

The light is easy to attach to your handlebars. It comes with a replaceable mounting strap which can be changed if ever needed. You could also mount it on your helmet if you wanted, although you would need to purchase different mounting hardware for this.

In addition to the headlight, you also get a free tailight. Both lights come with batteries already installed, although you need to open the tailight and remove the strip to allow the battery to make a connection.

I love that this light is USB rechargeable so you won't have to be running out and buying batteries all the time. Depending on which setting you use, the light should last anywhere up to 20 hours although I haven't tested it out for longer periods of time.

This is a good quality light that is waterproof and feels sturdy. I am very happy with this light and would recommend it to others.

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