Monday, May 22, 2017

FavorGear Calf Compression Sleeves Video Review

I have been having a terrible time with swelling in my legs and feet so I ordered these FavorGear Calf Compression Sleeves to try to help reduce the swelling.

As swollen as my legs are right now, I can't put these on my legs by myself but I was able to try them with some assistance. These calf compression sleeves provide a good amount of support for tired, aching legs.

They would be great for many people such as runners, exercise enthusiasts, or anyone who has pain, swelling or discomfort in their legs. They are also great for those with medical issues such as varicose veins or edema.

They are sturdy and I have no doubt that they will hold up for quite some time. They provide a good deal of help to improve the problems I have been having with leg pain and swelling. These are a good value.

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