Friday, May 19, 2017

Vnina Disco Ball Party Lights

I have always enjoyed party lights, and so do my children and grandchildren. One of the lights I recently bought was the Vnina Disco Ball Party Lights.

This 3 watt, 7 color, mini stage light is a great little light for just about any type of party. We set up this light, along with a few others at my grandson's 5th birthday party. It would also be great for other parties for either kids or adults.

Although it isn't a professional DJ or karaoke light like you would use in a bar or club, It does a great job in a smaller area, or you could use several of these lights to light up a larger area.

The disco globe light comes with a little remote control which can be used to change the lighting effects. Depending on what you want, you can set it to your choice of 7 color combinations, as well as various modes.

This light is perfect for kids, and they really enjoy it. It is also great for teens or adults too though. Whether you want to set up a karaoke or DJ party, perhaps a dance or wedding, celebrate a holiday, or set the mood for any occasion, this is a great little light.

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