Monday, May 1, 2017

(Product Review) JASTEK Multi Charging Cables

We have many USB rechargeable devices around our home. I ordered the JASTEK Multi Charging Cables with 8pin Connector,Micro USB,Mini USB and Type C Ports for Mobile Devices Charging - Colorful so that I will always have the correct type of cord for charging a variety of devices.

This charging cable has a standard USB plug so you can easily connect it to your computer, power bank or charger block. The other end has 6 multi-cables including one USB A Cable, two Micro USB Cables, one Mini USB Cable, one USB C Cable and one 8-pin cable for iPhones.

The cable is bright and colorful so it doesn't get lost easily, and I have no trouble finding it at a glance or telling my grandkids to plug their device into the correct color of cable.

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