Thursday, October 6, 2016

JACKYLED 32 Inch Rotating Reacher Grabber Video Review

This JACKYLED 32 Inch Rotating Reacher Grabber is a very handy gadget for around the home. Many of us are a bit height challenged, and perhaps have trouble reaching upper cupboards. I am constantly needing to have someone retrieve things from the top shelves for me because I am not tall enough to reach them myself.

I often have trouble reaching things in the back of the lower cupboards too, since my back injury makes it difficult to bend on the angle necessary to reach some of these areas. Some days even bending down to pick up a dropped item from the floor is more than I want to do.

This Reaching Assist Tool works great for extending my reach and making it easier for me to grasp the items I couldn't reach before. This is a very handy item for any of us, but is especially useful for disabled people who need a helping hand. This helps to give them a bit more independence because they don't always need to rely on others for some of the simple tasks that many of us take for granted.

I am happy that I got mine, and I use it frequently. I have had similar reaching tools, but this one works much better than the ones I have used before. I would recommend it to anyone, and especially to those who may have problems with limited mobility.

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