Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Microbiome Plus GI Advanced Probiotic and Prebiotic Video Review

Today I am reviewing the Microbiome Plus GI Advanced Probiotic and Prebiotic from Microbiome Plus+

Microbime Plus GI is an advanced probiotic and prebiotic combination developed by doctors and human tested as one of the most effective probiotics on the market.

This probiotic heals stomach issues, boosts energy and immune and even helps with weight loss. Microbiome Plus GI is allergy safe and gluten free, and is great for both women and men. This is a one month supply of both prebiotics and probiotics which work together to aid digestion and immunity.

I have only been taking them for a short time, and so far am experiencing no issues with them. I did have a bit of bloating when I first started taking them, although I am not sure if it was because of these supplements or not because I suffer from Crohn's Disease and GERD, which often flare up and cause these same symptoms.

Either way, the bloating went away after just a few days, and I have had no issues since. So far they seem to be helping a bit with my digestive issues. I don't expect complete relief, but I am grateful for any help I can get.

If you have any sort of digestive issues, I would recommend that you try these. I'm sure that they are more effective for some of us than others, but if you have gut problems, these are certainly worth a try.

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