Monday, October 17, 2016

(Product Review) Microbiome Plus Gastrointestinal Prebiotics scFOS

There is a lot of talk out there about probiotics and prebiotics. I have been doing some research on these, an recently have been taking Microbiome Plus Gastrointestinal Prebiotics scFOS because of some of the information I found on the subject.

From what I have read, probiotics are the good bacteria in your gut. They are necessary for proper digestion and an effective immune system. There are many benefits including everything from boosting your immune system and your metabolism, to help with everything from allergies to weight loss.

This bottle contains 56 prebiotic tablets, and each tablet is one serving. For best results, these prebiotics should be taken along with probiotics since the prebiotics help support normal immune function and help the probiotics to thrive.

I have been taking these prebiotics along with probiotics to help with digestive problems caused by my Crohn's Disease. I have noticed an improvement and have had no problems taking them. They are easy enough for me to swallow and have no side effects.

As with any medication, it is always best to check with your doctor if you have any concerns, but as for me, I am doing well with these. They are not a miracle cure, but I did not expect them to be. They do work as intended with no problems so am happy to recommend them to others.

I often receive discounts or complimentary samples for evaluation. All thoughts and opinions are always my own and are never influenced by discounts or samples. Questions and comments are always welcome.

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