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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

(Product Review) RockBirds New DC 12V 2.0A Switching Power Supply Adapter For 110V- 240V AC 50/60Hz 2.1mm Black (2PCS)

As I mentioned in a previous review, I have been busy setting up some additional lighting to keep my houseplants happy through the long winter months when there just isn't enough available window space for all of my houseplants to get adequate lighting. I purchased some of the led lighting strips, and needed a way to power them. I started out with one of the power supplies from RockBirds, then needed to pick up a couple more to power more of the additional lights.

RockBirds New DC 12V 2.0A Switching Power Supply Adapter For 110V- 240V AC 50/60Hz 2.1mm Black (2PCS) 

Like the single DC Power Supply Adapter I originally bought, the twin pack of these power adapters works perfectly to power my led light strips. This is a 2 pack of the power adapters, and comes with 2 of the adapters so I can easily insert the wires from my light strips into the end and tighten the screws with an eyeglass or precision screwdriver, then plug everything in and my lights come on. I am very satisfied with my purchase, and my houseplants and I are enjoying the lighting these adapters help me to provide.

I have only been testing this product for a short time, so can't speak for the longevity of the item, but so far it works nicely for the intended purpose which is operating my led lighting strips.

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