Wednesday, October 21, 2015

(Product Review) Elusive Dreams ® Comfortable Sleep Mask With Free Earplugs - Ultra Soft And Comfortable.

Elusive Dreams ® Comfortable Sleep Mask With Free Earplugs - Ultra Soft And Comfortable.

Having spent much of my life as a shift worker, I have often found it necessary to sleep during abnormal hours since working a midnight shift does not allow for sleeping through the nighttime hours. Even though I no longer work the midnight shift, my sleep schedule is erratic to say the least, and I often need to be able to sleep during the day when the light and noise could be a potential problem. I ordered the sleep mask in hopes of blocking out noise and light for a more comfortable, satisfying sleep.

This mask is satiny smooth and feels comfortable on my face. It is neither too tight nor too lose, and has a velcro closure for easy adjustment. I like that it does not put pressure on my eyes like some of the sleep masks I have tried in the past. It allows my eyes to remain closed, but also allows room to blink without discomfort. It also comes with a free pair of earplugs so I can block out the noise as well as the light. Since my household does not always keep the same schedule, this is an important feature for me as well. So far I am enjoying my new mask because it allows me to get some much needed sleep at times when I may otherwise not be able to rest because of the noise and light in my environment. 

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