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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

(Product Review) Trekking Pole, Himal 1 pcs Folding Collapsible Alpenstocks Ultralight Travel Hiking Climbing Walking Trekking Pole Climbing Stick with EVA Foam Handle

Because of my knee pain, I often need some sort of support in order to walk around. I have mostly used a cane in the past, but had the opportunity to purchase the Trekking Pole, Himal 1 pcs Folding Collapsible Alpenstocks Ultralight Travel Hiking Climbing Walking Trekking Pole Climbing Stick with EVA Foam Handle at a discount, so I thought I would give it a try.

At first site I was rather impressed by this trekking pole. I usually use a cane to help me get around, but I like the looks and the portability of this stick, so I'm giving it a try to see how well I like it. I opened my package and found this was collapsed into a pouch where it was neatly stored. The walking stick comes apart in sections so it can easily be folded to a smaller size. Once folded, the walking stick measures just 13.4" so it fits nicely into the included pouch. Because it folds so nicely, I can carry it along pretty much anywhere I go without a problem. The pouch fits into my bag, backpack, or I can take it in my car or a walk in case I need to use it while I'm out and about.

This stick has several features that I really like. First, the soft foam handle is extremely comfortable in my hand. I can easily hold it for longer periods of time than any of my canes or other walking sticks. It feels very sturdy, which is a very important quality for this type of product. I don't walk far because of an injury, and need a solid stick to help support me when I do go for short walk, or even just using it around the house. I feel confident that this stick will hold up to whatever I do with it. I really like how it collapses too. The stick comes apart in sections, but is still held together by bungees inside the poles. I had a tent like this in the past and really like the feature. I can break it town for easy portability, and it goes back together easily. Once assembled, you can easily adjust the height from 45" to 53" so it is comfortable for the user. Once broken down, just slide it in the drawstring pouch and take it anywhere. I feel confident that this walking stick will be one of my new favorites, and will likely go with me wherever I go.

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