Friday, January 15, 2016

(Website Review) Swagbucks

If you are interested in online income opportunities, you might enjoy Swagbucks. I first joined the site a few years ago, but really didn't do much with it. I only recently was reminded of the site, then came back to give it another look.

Originally I had signed up and only used it on my computer, but now that I am also using a smartphone, my points are adding up much more quickly than before. In just a couple of weeks I have earned around $15 in gift cards and most of it is passive income, meaning that I mostly just let the points build with little effort on my part.

Many of the points I earn are from watching short videos. I can leave them playing on my computer while I do other things, and just pop back in once in a while to check on things. Other points can be earned for things I am already doing like shopping, searching the web, playing games and more.

There are lots of opportunities to earn additional swagbucks by completing surveys, taking the daily poll, discovering new websites, and other online activities. You also get a boost from referrals, since you get points for most things your referrals do as well as the things you do online.

They also offer bonus bucks which are earned by entering a swag code which can be found throughout their social channels from time to time. Most of the codes expire fairly quickly, so you have to keep an eye out for them. They help you with this though if you install and use the swagbutton. Although this isn't a requirement, it will help you to earn points faster.

If you have a smartphone, this can really boost your earnings. There are several apps available for both android and iphone devices that can help you earn swagbucks points faster. These apps also involve watching short videos, but can be set to pretty much run on their own. You can earn points on each of these apps every day, which can add up quickly.

If you are interested in trying Swagbucks and earning free online income, please use my Swagbucks Referral Link and join me in earning free reward cards from places like PayPal, Amazon, Walmart and many more.

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