Friday, September 9, 2016

Big Ant Nylon Recovery Tow Strap

I couldn't begin to tell you how many times my family and friends have needed to tow a car. Sometimes we would attach a chain and pull one of the trucks out of the mud hole where it was stuck, or occasionally we would need to tow a car home when it broke down along the road. Some of my boys have tow chains or tow bars, and they have been used on several occasions. I just added this Big Ant Nylon Recovery Tow Strap to my car emergency kit for those times when it might be needed in an emergency roadside situation. 

This is a heavy duty tow strap which is rated for twenty thousand pounds, so it should be able to handle pretty much any vehicle without a problem. The strap is 3 inches wide by 20 feet long which allows plenty of room between cars so you aren't likely to rear-end the lead vehicle. I haven't had the need to tow any cars since I got this, but it does appear to be a very sturdy tow strap. I wish I would have gotten it sooner so we wouldn't have had to use the car dolly to get my blazer home when the starter went out. 

If my opinion changes after using this a few times I will update to let you know, but so far I am happy with this purchase and would recommend this tow strap. 

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