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(Product Review) 3-Tier Chrome Hanging Basket

Stacks and Stacks 3-Tier Hanging Basket (Chrome) (30"H x 12"diameter) (HB300)

Reviewed by kelly60 on 2012-10-28

Product Rating: 4

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Attractive, versatile, functional, convenient, sturdy

Cons: None

Summary: Attractive and versatile way to store and display a variety of items within easy reach.

My mother always had a three tiered wire basket in her home. A few years back I picked up one for myself as well. The 3-Tier Chrome Hanging Basket is great for a variety of purposes. Not only does it keep the clutter on my counter to a minimum, but it works well for storage and displaying fruits and vegetables, allowing for air circulation around these foods.

This hanging basket consists of three wire baskets suspended on a set of three chains. Unlike the hanging baskets I remember as a child, these are not the lightweight, mesh type, of baskets. Instead, these are made of a sturdy chrome finished steel wire that will hold up indefinitely. The baskets graduate in size with the bottom basket being 12 inches, the second basket being 10 inches, and the top basket being 8 inches in diameter. The entire unit is 30 inches long.

The unit has a hook at the top which can easily be hung from a bar or a ceiling hook. It hangs down nicely, holding whatever contents you wish to store in it.

As mentioned previously, it works great in the kitchen to hold fruits and/or vegetables. It also works well for holding a variety of snack foods within easy reach. I keep healtier snacks in the lower tiers for easy access, and some of the less healthy snacks in the smaller basket on top.

I find it rather handy in my craft area for keeping a variety of craft supplies within easy reach. In the bedroom, it works well suspended from a closet rod for easy access to accessories. I have used a similar hanging basket to hold a variety of hanging plants, however this one is much sturdier and would have worked much better if I had owned it at the time. It works well for keeping toys or pet supplies put away when not in use. My mother has long had one in her kitchen, and also has one in her bathroom, decoratively displaying various bath and body items for guests.

This attractive hanging basket is both attractive and functional, and would make a lovely addition to any kitchen, bathroom, office, playroom, garage, craft room, or wherever you need an attractive way to display stored items.

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