Tuesday, October 16, 2012

(Product Review) Petco Rubber Textured Bone Dog Chew Toy

Petco Rubber Textured Bone Dog Chew Toy

Product Rating: 4

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Safe, non-toxic, fun, textured

Cons: None

Summary: Recommended for dogs of all sizes. This is a great toy for teething, playing catch or fetch, and more. It is one of Jasmine's favorite toys.

I'm not sure where it came from, obviously one of Jasmine's friends came to visit her and brought a toy from home, but I recently found a Petco Rubber Textured Bone Dog Chew Toy in my yard while Jasmine and I were walking around. As soon as she spotted it, she immediately picked it up and began to play with it.

This doggy chew toy is bone shaped. The outer rim of the bone is covered in a thick black textured rubber, while the center area of the bone is a bright yellow. The entire bone is textured, with the black part resembling tire treads and the yellow area made up of firmer rubber nubs.

This Petco Doggie Bone measures approximately 3 inches by 6 inches, which is a great size for Jasmine, who is a Greyhound, Lab and Boxer mix. Obviously, whoever brought it over liked it well enough to carry it with them from their yard to ours, then apparently forgot to take their toy home with them.

In any case, this Rubber Bone is something of a teething toy for dogs. Just like my grandson's teethers, the nubs work well for young pups. Providing puppies with chew toys is important because all pups are born with a natural urge to chew, and supplying them with a chew toy such as this can prevent damage to furniture, shoes, or other inappropriate objects.

Adult dogs like Jasmine enjoy chewing on this as well though. When she found the toy in our yard she immediately snatched it up and began chewing on it. She was tossing it around and grabbing it back up for a few minutes before she invited me into the game. Playing catch, or fetch was fun for her, and a quick game of tug-o-war was easy with this toy too because the textured bone was easy to grip. Another fun feature of this bone is that when thrown, the shape of this bone makes it bounce in odd directions at times. The bone sometimes hits the ground in front of Jasmine, then bounces in an unexpected direction, making the game a bit more interesting for her.

This bone is made of durable non-toxic thermo-plastic rubber, so it is both safe and long lasting. She has had it for around a month or two now, and despite showing some signs of use, she will likely keep playing with this for quite a while longer before it will need replaced. She is an aggressive chewer and toys rarely last this long for her.

The important thing to keep in mind is that pets should be supervised during play because most toys can become choking hazards if pieces are broken or chewed off. I expect that this toy will last her for a long time yet, but it is always a good idea to inspect your pet's toys regularly.

I recommend the Petco Rubber Textured Bone Dog Chew Toy for all dogs as a safe and fun toy. Jasmine really enjoys playing with it, as do the pups. 

Originally published on Epinions.

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