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(Product Review) Granite Ware 18 Covered Oval Roaster

Granite Ware 18 Covered Oval Roaster. - CH0509

Product Rating: 5

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Made in USA, cooks evenly, easy cleanup, large size, not too heavy, inexpensive

Cons: Absolutely none, except that the porcelain could possibly chip but this does not affect performance.

Summary: This 18 inch covered roaster does a great job of cooking everything from Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas hams, pot roasts with all the fixings, large casseroles, and lots more.

The holidays are fast approaching, which means getting ready to prepare holiday meals. Several years ago, my mother gave me a Granite Ware 18 inch Covered Oval Roaster that she picked up at an estate sale. She has been using hers for as long as I can remember, and really didn't need another one, but knew that I wanted one.

Since that time, I have used mine many times. I have used it for cooking Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas hams, large pot roasts, and more. This 18 inch roaster works great for so many things, especially larger items that just won't fit in a smaller pan.

This roaster measures 18 inches long by 12 1/4 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches high.  You can easily cook an average sized turkey, or a larger ham or a big roast with all the fixings in this pan with no problem. According to the manufacturer, it holds a 15 pound turkey or an 18 inch roast. I find this to be fairly accurate if using the lid, but once cooked a 26 pound turkey in this roaster by using aluminum foil instead of the lid. I have used it for all of these things and more.

My mom uses hers for many other things as well. An extra large batch of lasagna is one thing she often prepares in the roaster and brings to family gatherings. It also works great for large batches of meatballs, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, apple cobbler, and other foods for potluck dinners.

The manufacturer states that the dark porcelain surface and steel core absorb the heat to distribute it evenly to the contents of the pan. All I know is that it does a great job of cooking everything I have prepared in this pan. I have never had any problems with things cooking unevenly when using this roaster.

This roaster has sturdy handles on each end, and they work well for lifting your roast, turkey, ham or other meal in and out of the oven. The domed cover fits snugly to keep the natural juices inside so meals are always flavorful and never dry. There is a large sturdy handle in the center so you can easily lift the lid. Remember though, that the handles will get very hot, so you should use a potholder to avoid being burned.

Before I got this roaster I tried roasting a turkey in one of the cheap aluminum pans. Never again! The pan was so flimsy that I nearly lost my turkey on the kitchen floor. Disposable pans like the one I used may work well for some purposes, but roasting a ham or turkey is not one of them. This roaster is perfect for what I needed. It is obviously not going to be as lightweight as an aluminum pan but is light enough that it is fairly easy to handle. Of course, once I put in that 26 pound turkey I mentioned earlier it was a whole different story. But then again, this isn't the fault of the pan.

Cleanup is fairly easy with this roaster too. I use Dawn Dish Detergent and a little hot water, and it cleans up nicely. For stuck on foods, I occasionally have to soak it for a short time, but even then, it wipes clean easily. This is also said to be dishwasher safe, although I usually wash my pans by hand. I see no reason why this would be harmed by the dishwasher though, since I have washed other porcelain items this way.

I also like that Granite Ware is made in the USA. I prefer American made products when possible, and for a price tag of around $10-$15 for a roaster like this, you really can't go wrong. I got a great deal because of my mom found me this used one for a great price, but I would have gladly paid full price if she hadn't found this one.

The only thing I don't like about this pan is that at some point, the porcelain got a tiny chip in it. This isn't uncommon for porcelain, and really makes no difference in the way this product performs. The small blemish was there when I got the pan, so I am not sure if it got banged around, or how it happened, but as I said, it isn't a problem.

I love this roaster, and would recommend it to anyone who cooks. It is one of my favorite pans, and works well for a variety of foods.

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