Monday, October 1, 2012

(Product Review) Tootsie Roll Midgets Candy

Tootsie Roll Midgets: 5LBS (Tootsie Roll)

Product Rating: 5

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Tasty, individually wrapped, easy to take along, versatile for all occasions

Cons: None

Summary: Delicious candy treat that is enjoyed by all ages. Trick-or-treaters love them, as does my family.

Tootsie Rolls have been a long time favorite for most of my kids, and I must admit that I enjoy one now and then myself. The Tootsie Roll Midgets are something that I pick up quite often. They are a great item to add to my trick-or-treat candy, candy dishes, goody bags, or just eat out of the bag.

A five pound bag of these tasty morsels contains approximately 720 bite sized pieces of candy. There are just over 23 calories per piece, while a 6 piece serving contains 140 calories.

These candies have the consistency of a soft toffee. They are easy to chew, or to enjoy the flavor longer, you can leave one in your mouth until it dissolves. Either way, you will enjoy the taste of a chocolaty treat, with just a slight hint of fruitiness.

Each piece is individually wrapped. They are easy to open by simply pulling on the ends of the wrapper, and popping the chocolate candy into your mouth.

These work well for a variety of purposes. I have purchased them for multiple occasions in the past, and they were enjoyed by both children and adults. They are perfect as Halloween treats, goody bag items, pinata candies, in stockings, in candy dishes, or any other occasion.

I recommend Tootsie Rolls Midgets for any type of party, snack, or treat. They are great for kids and adults, and make a wonderful addition to your lunch or any celebration.

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