Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(Product Review) Scott Bathroom Tissue

Scott Bathroom Tissue 1000 Sheets 6-Count (Pack of 8)

Product Rating: 2

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Less expensive than some others, but must use more to get the job done.

Cons: One ply, not as soft or absorbent as most other brands I have used.

Summary: Not that I condone toilet papering your neighbor's houses on Halloween, but as I see it, there is little else that Scott Bathroom Tissue is good for.

In an effort to save money, a friend of mine purchased the Scott Bathroom Tissue. The price was much lower than the brand of toilet tissue she previously used, and since her grandchildren always used excessive amounts of toilet paper, she decided that this would be a good way to save money.

Scott Bathroom Tissue comes in a six roll package with 1000 single ply sheets each, amounting to 1152 square feet of toilet paper each. You can purchase these packages individually, or purchase a case of 8 packages if you like. Scott Bathroom Tissues are also available in other package sizes, so you can purchase as much or as little as you wish. This toilet paper claims to be septic safe, and as far as I know, my friend has not had any septic problems over the past few years.

Although Scott Bathroom Tissue is not the worst toilet paper out there, it is far from acceptable for my needs. To start with, this is only a one ply toilet paper, and since the single ply tissue is only about half as thick as the two ply tissues I normally use, it is not very absorbent. It may have saved a bit of money on what the kids used, but for the rest of us, we needed to use twice as much toilet paper to get the job done.

This toilet paper is so thin that it is easy to accidentally put your finger through it while attempting to wipe. It also takes several layers to be able to blow your nose because the toilet paper pretty much blows apart in your hands. It is not at all strong, and without using several layers, you are likely to have a mess on you hands, and elsewhere.

As for softness, it was not nearly as soft as many other brands I have used in the past. Although not as rough as some of the cheap toilet paper I have come across in gas station restrooms, it was far less gentle than most other brands I have tried in my home.
Equipped with a large enough wad of toilet paper, you can manage to clean yourself after using the bathroom, however, the job would be much simpler and more comfortable with a much lesser amount of a decent quality toilet paper.

I have spent a lot of time at my friend's house, but always hated to use her bathroom because of this toilet paper. When spending a few days at her home a couple of years ago, I considered bringing along my own toilet paper, but thought that she might be offended. I did bring along a pocket full of tissues for blowing my nose, however I suffered through the weekend with the Scott Bathroom Tissue.

Even though I don't condone toilet papering your neighbor's houses this Halloween, I don't find this particular toilet paper good for much else. It doesn't work well when wiping after bathroom use, and you might as well forget using this to blow your nose as well.

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