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(Product Review) Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wood Clothespins

Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wood Clothespins 96-Pack DRY-01389

Product Rating: 3

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Easy to use, hardwood construction won't rust, use for laundry or craft projects

Cons: Slightly smaller than my older clothespins, some roughness on surface of a few pins

Summary: These aren't as heavy duty as some of my older pins, but work well for most laundry and craft projects.

Although I don't hang my laundry out on a clothesline nearly as much these days as I did in the past, I like to keep a few clothespins around for some of the larger items such as sheets and blankets, rugs, and during the summer, hanging towels when we return from a day on the water. Most of my clothespins have either broken or disappeared over the years, so I had to pick up a new supply.

As most of you probably know, there are a couple of kinds of clothespins to choose from. I like the spring-type ones for some things, but the Honey-Can-Do Classic Round Wooden Clothespins work great for so many things.

Unlike the spring loaded type, these Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wood Clothespins are easy enough for even youngsters to use because you don't have to worry about whether they might accidentally pinch their fingers. They also work well for those of us who have trouble with our hands. There is no need to squeeze these clothespins together, just drape your clothes over the line and slide these pins down into place. Your items stay even on a breezy day. Removal is just as simple. Just grasp the pin and slide it off the clothesline to release your clothing. Nothing could be easier.

Another advantage to this type of clothespin is that they are made entirely of wood, so there is no chance of getting rust stains on your clothing from hanging wet clothing with them. The spring type, or bulldog clothespins can sometimes get a bit of rust on your clothing because of the metal spring used in their construction. Because no metal is used on these pins though, there isn't going to be any rusting.

Additionally, these Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wood Clothespins are not going to fall apart like the others sometimes do. They are made in one solid piece, and even though they are not unbreakable, they aren't going to fall apart unless you ram them onto a heavier rug and break the wood.

These clothespins measure approximately 1/2 inch in diameter by just under 4 1/2 inches long. According to the manufacturer, they are rated to hold up to 10 pounds per clip. I can't vouch for this because I have never weighed my wet laundry, but I can say that they have worked well for me.

This isn't to say that these are perfect for all laundry uses though. Even though you can easily hang most laundry items with them, the slot is a bit narrower than some of the older clothespins I have been using. This makes it a bit more difficult to hang some of the heavier items mentioned such as heavy rugs or blankets. When hanging these items, you will need to slide the pins on gently so as not to break them. Even so, some of the pins will spread just a bit further than others, so you may or may not have problems when hanging thicker items.

Additionally, a few of the pins were a bit rough on the surface. This isn't a big deal for me since I only hang certain items on the clothesline, however the roughness of some of these pins could snag dedicates if used to hang them. I'm sure that with a bit of use, these will smooth out, but the roughness is present on some of the pins when they first come out of the package.

The birch hardwood construction of these pins works well for hanging laundry, but also works well for a variety of craft projects. One of our preschool classes used them to make adorable clothespin people to take home as Christmas ornaments. They work well for other occasions too, such as Halloween ghosts, or even animals for any occasion. We have also used them for hanging freshly painted t-shirts to dry.

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