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(Product Review) Prepac Slimline Multimedia Storage Tower

Prepac Slimline Multimedia Storage Tower Review

Slimline Media Storage Tower BMA0160 Prepac (772398220024)

Product Rating: 4

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Made in USA. Attractive and functional. Great for small spaces.

Cons: None

Summary: Recommended for smaller media collections, or as an overflow area for larger collections like mine. Sturdy, attractive and made in the USA.

I should start by saying that between karaoke and audio CDs, games, software disks, movies, and other assorted CDs and DVDs, I have thousands of CDs and DVDs in my home. I started with smaller media storage areas, but had to add more and more storage space to accommodate all of my music, games, movies, and software.

One of the storage spaces I purchased was the Slimline Media Storage Tower. Although this particular shelving system doesn't hold a lot, it is perfect for a smaller area because it takes only a small space in the room.

The tower measures just 13 inches wide by 8.75 inches deep and 51 inches high. The dimensions are a bit deceiving though because the 13 inch base extends beyond the sides of the tower for added stability. The tower is steady and I have never had a problem with it tipping, but keep in mind that it also means that there will be a bit of wasted space on both sides of the tower. The assembled product weighs in at a bit under 20 pounds.

Even so, it is a nice size to fit in a small space, and works well for storing discs within easy reach. The tower claims to hold up to 160 CDs, 65 DVDs, or 120 Blu-ray discs, or 40 VHS tapes. Of course this will vary by how you have it set up. The tower comes with 5 adjustable shelves, so you can position them however is most convenient for your needs.

Of  course, you can optimize your space by setting up the shelves to best utilize the space, and by using slim cases for your CDs rather than the thicker ones. This will double the amount of CDs that will fit on the shelves.

Although some assembly is required for this tower, the one I purchased was a pre-assembled display model at Walmart. It does appear to be a simple project though. After glancing over the included instruction manual, I feel confident that I could have assembled it if needed.

This product is made in the USA. It is well constructed, and according to  the manufacturer, it is made of CARB-compliant laminated composite woods with a sturdy MDF backer. It is a sturdy shelving system, and as I mentioned previously, the over-sized base makes it much less likely to tip than one without such a base.

Although this unit doesn't require much in the line of maintenance, it is easy to clean with regular dusting and an occasional wipe with a damp cloth if necessary. It makes an attractive storage/display area for CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray disks or VHS tapes.

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