Tuesday, October 30, 2012

(Product Review) Ruffies Color Scents 8 Gallon Garbage Bags

Berry Plastics Corp 981266 "Ruffies Color Scents" 8 Gallon Small Garbage Bag, 50-Count

Product Rating: 3

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and scents

Cons: Not a heavy duty bag, but adequate for light duty trash removal.

Summary: These bags come in an assortment of colors and scents. They work well for light duty purposes, but are not recommended for heavy loads.

There are many trash bags on the market, and although Ruffies Color Scents Trash Bags are not a heavy duty garbage bag like some, they work well for lesser tasks such as in my home office. Since this particular wastebasket is a 7 gallon size, I chose the Ruffies Color Scents 8 Gallon Garbage Bags for this location.

Although these bags are not as sturdy as some of the major brands such as Glad or Hefty, they still have their place in my home. The bags are plenty strong enough for lighter trash removal tasks such as office waste or light duty trash receptacles.

The thickness is 0.35 mils compared to the .95 mil thickness of Glad Forceflex that I often use for my kitchen trash. This is thick enough to do these lighter tasks, but would not hold up well if loaded with diapers or some of our heavier kitchen trash. Since the majority of trash added to this particular container consists of paper and other lightweight materials, these work well for this container.

I have tried Ruffies Kitchen Bags before as well, but soon determined that they were not efficient for heavy loads. Since these trash bags are much less expensive than the sturdier bags though, I still use these in selected areas of my home that don't require a stronger bag.

Ruffies Color Scents Trash Bags come in assorted colors and scents. The almond colored bags are vanilla scented. These are my favorites and the ones I buy most often. They also have at least a couple of other colors such as blue and green to choose from. The colors and scents available vary by the size of the bags.

These bags come in a roll of 50 bags, packaged along with twist ties in a plastic bag. To use them, you need to remove the roll from the bag, then unroll a trash bag or two from the roll. You then need to tear them apart at the perforation, then open the trash bag. Waving the bag around a bit as I open it spreads a bit of added fragrance to the room as well, so by the time I get the bag into my wastebasket, the surrounding area generally has a pleasant aroma.

The bags fit nicely into my wastebasket, with just a bit of room to spare. They work well in my office, as well as bathrooms, bedrooms or any other area where you have a smaller size of wastebasket. As previously mentioned though, these are not a good choice for heavy loads. Additionally, these are a thinner bag which is rather transparent, so if you are concerned about others seeing the contents of your trash, you may not want to use these bags.

Ruffies Trash Bags are available in 4 gallon, 8 gallon and 13 gallon sizes, so although this listing refers to these as small garbage bags, these are actually the medium size. I have used all three sizes, and find them acceptable for light duty trash receptacles.

If you are looking for an inexpensive trash bag, and don't need a heavy duty bag, these will serve you nicely. I recommend them for light duty purposes only because they are not nearly as strong as some of the other brands. Even so, they are well worth the money spent on them if I can use these for those wastebaskets that don't require the extra strength of the more expensive brands.

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