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(Product Review) Shake-N-Go Equal Single Nutrasweet Packets

Shake-N-Go Equal Single Nutrasweet Packets - Office Snax Equal - OFX20008694

Product Rating: 1

Community Rating: Very Helpful

Pros: Individual packets make it easy to take along, low calories

Cons: Slight bitter taste, can cause health problems

Summary: Low in calories, but associated health problems make it a bad choice. It is a major migraine trigger for many, plus there is research suggesting many other health problems.

Years ago, I decided to look for ways to reduce my calorie intake. I experimented with many low calorie products as well as a variety of artificial sweeteners. Nutrasweet was one of the artificial sweeteners that I tried.

The Shake-n-Go Equal Single Serve Nutrasweet Packets are easy and convenient. They are easily portable as well. You can purchase a 100 count box, and have enough individual packets of Nutrasweet to last you for a long time.

Each packet contains enough artificial sweetener to sweeten your coffee, cereal, or other items. Just tear open the little blue packet and pour the white powder onto your food or drinks. Personally, I found it to be too much to sweeten my foods and drinks, and used only one half packet per serving instead. Each packet is considered a serving and contains just 4 calories.

As for the taste, a little goes a long way. As I mentioned previously, using an amount of this sweetener that is proportionate to the amount of sugar you would add might be a bit too much. Unfortunately, it also has a bit of bitterness to it, though not as bad as some of the other artificial sweeteners available. You can definitely taste the difference, and you know right away that you are drinking an artificially sweetened drink.

Unfortunately, some artificial sweeteners have side effects, and for me, Nutrasweet (also known as aspartame) is one of the worst. It is a migraine trigger for me, and for many others as well. I didn't realize it at first, but continued to get horrible migraines on a daily basis throughout the entire time I was consuming this product. Although I still get migraines often, removing this product from my daily diet eliminated at least half of the migraines I was suffering, in addition to the severity of many of the migraines I still had.

In addition to the problems I had from this product, I have seen a lot of research as to the ill effects that this product causes. Some of the articles I read blamed this product for everything from migraines, seizures and convulsions, chronic fatigue, depression, multiple sclerosis, asthma, blood sugar control problems, and much more. While I can't vouch for most of these issues, I do know what even short term use of this product did to me.

Many people are able to tolerate this product, as is evidenced by the massive consumption of diet products on the market that contain Nutrasweet. It is found in many diet sodas, diet candies and gums, and much more. I know many people who consume this product regularly and don't seem to have any problems.

If it works for you, then go ahead and give it a shot if you like. Personally, I can't recommend any product that has such horrible effects on my health, but if you really want to try it, I would suggest testing it from a restaurant where they offer the packets free with your coffee rather than purchasing them one hundred at a time.

Originally published on Epinions.

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