Monday, November 21, 2016

Essential Oil Box by Anji Naturals Video Review

This Essential Oil Box by Anji Naturals is the perfect solution for storing my essential oils. I love how roomy it is. I can store up to 45 of the 5-15ml size bottles plus 14 roller bottles of my favorite essential oil blends.

This three tiered box opens up to display this collection of oils so I can quickly find just the oil I am looking for. It comes with 25 pipettes and an aromatherapy eBook for your reference.

The box comes unpainted so you can customize it to your liking. It could easily be painted to match your decor, or add a coat of stain or varnish. I like the appearance of the plain pine box, but may stain it at some time in the future.

However you decide to finish it though, it is a nice looking box that includes space for a good variety of essential oils. It keeps them neat and organized, as well as protected from the light that can damage the oils.

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