Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Premium Cupping Massage Kit Video Review

I recently ordered this Premium Cupping Massage Kit and have been experimenting with Chinese Cupping Therapy which is said to relieve pain, tension, inflamation, sorness and more. This is an alternate method to my usual deep tissue massage that I wanted to try.

The idea of cupping is to pool blood to problem areas to increase circulation, helping to decrease pain and inflamation, releasing harmful toxins and promoting healing.

This set comes with 4 clear silicone cups which store neatly in a drawstring bag, making it easy for you to take them anywhere. You also get a free ebook with your order, which explains the cupping therapy and will help you to get started right away.

There are 4 different sizes of cups included in this set so you can choose the proper size depending on the area where you will be using them. These cups are easy to use and the instructions will guide you through the process.

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