Wednesday, November 16, 2016

(Product Review) YUEDGE Travel Pillow Luxuriously Soft Inflatable Neck Pillow

Whether you travel a lot or just like to use it around the house, the YUEDGE Travel Pillow Luxuriously Soft Inflatable Neck Pillow is a comfortable and convenient travel pillow. This set comes with the neck pillow and a pair of ear plugs, which store neatly in the included drawstring bag.

The pillow is made from a sturdy, yet lightweight material. It is inflatable so you can add just the right amount of pressure for your comfort. It has a velvety soft cover which is removable so you can take it off to wash when needed.

It is easy to inflate either with an air pump or by blowing it up. Releasing the air when you are finished using the pillow allows you to store it in a small space which is great for travel since it takes up very little room in your luggage or backpack.

This would be great long trips whether in an airplane, train, bus or car, although so far I have only used it at home. I found it very comfortable while napping in my recliner. It provided good support so I did not wake up with a stiff neck as I sometimes do.

The earplugs are a nice addition to the set. They were easy enough to place in my ears and were quite comfortable. They blocked the majority of the noise so I was able to sleep well. I am happy with this inflatable travel pillow and would recommend it to anyone who needs a good quality travel pillow that takes up very little space.

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