Friday, November 25, 2016

(Product Review) Yosoo Sports Knee Wraps Calf Compression Sleeve

I have a lot of trouble with my knees, and have been using these Yosoo Sports Knee Wraps Calf Compression Sleeves to help support and protect my knees. They are easy to use by simply wrapping your knee, thigh, ankle or other area, then fastening it securely with the velcro.

You can wrap it as tightly or as loosely as you need, so it is always comfortable. These wraps stay in place very well, and have enough give so you can move freely, yet they support you well at the same time.

Although I do like the striped design of these, I would like to see a variety of other colors offered as well. Either way, they look good and work well so I would recommend them to others.

I often receive discounts or complimentary samples for evaluation. All thoughts and opinions are always my own and are never influenced by discounts or samples. Questions and comments are always welcome.

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