Wednesday, May 4, 2016

(Product Review) Dashboard Car Mount, iFora Cell Phone Holder Stand Stick on Clip Car Cradle

If you need a horizontal mount to secure your phone or GPS to the dashboard of your car, you might enjoy the Dashboard Car Mount, iFora Cell Phone Holder Stand Stick on Clip Car Cradle. It is a good quality dash mounted car cradle.

It is held firmly in place by a sticky gel on the base of the holder. This is not a magnetic mount, and cannot be used on windshields, car vents, or other similar surfaces. It is only for mounting to the dashboard of your car. It works best on a smooth surface, rather than a textured dashboard, and the manufacturer states that it doesn't work well on a leather dashboard. If you have a fairly smooth dashboard though, it should work well for you.

I found that it held my phone securely and it did not budge when I turned corners or made sudden stops, even though some of the holders I have used in the past would have sent my phone flying across the car. I like being able to place my phone or GPS in this cradle and know that it will be within easy view without having to worry about it becoming airborn in the event that I need to make a sudden stop or turn. I have had no trouble at all with this holder and would recommend it to anyone who needs a good quality dashmount cell phone holder.

Although I was offered this product at a discount or received a complimentary sample in exchange for my fair and honest review, all thoughts and opinions on the products I review are always my own and have not been influenced by any discounts or samples which may have been provided to me for testing purposes. Questions and comments are welcomed.

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